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With the continuous expanding of exhibition space and international influence, China International Wire & Cable Industry Exhibition (WireShow) has developed into one of the important international trade fairs for its kind of industry not only in China but also throughout Asia. Under the new cooperation between Messe Düsseldorf and Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute Co., Ltd. (SECRI), WireShow 2021 will kick off at Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 31st to September 2nd. Zumbach has locked its exclusive booth and will present its on-line measuring, monitoring and control systems to visitors at WireShow.


ZUMBACH ELECTRONICS is a world-leading manufacturer of in-line measuring systems for industrial applications. It provides the most accurate, reliable, and comprehensive industrial gauging, process control, and quality/production data acquisition technology. With its extensive process and industry knowledge, Zumbach offers cost-effective solutions that help manufacturers achieve operational excellence.


ZUMBACH instruments precisely measure diameter, ovality, wall thickness, concentricity, cross section, shape, capacitance, and more. Zumbach also provides fault detection systems, inductive preheaters for metal conductors, spark testers for in-line testing of the dielectric, optical surface inspection systems, in-line profile monitoring systems, data acquisition, and FFT analysis.


Leading manufacturers around the world have integrated Zumbach systems into its processes to increase output, reduce material costs and downtime, improve safety, and control quality. Zumbach systems provide quality improvements in manufacturing through tighter tolerances, better transmission capabilities, and improved workflow.

ZUMBACH provides various important industries with dependable in-line and off-line measuring in these industries: including Wire & Cable, Rubber, Optical Fibres / Glass, Plastics, Steel Cold and cold, Non-Ferrous, and so on.




The dimensions or even the complete cross-section of profiles and pipes made of metal, plastics or rubber must be continuously measured and monitored in the manufacturing process. The PROFILEMASTER systems from Zumbach represent an accurate and economical solution to the problem. One or up to six laser / camera modules measure the cross-section of the moving profile. A powerful PC based processor adds the partial pictures of the cameras made up of straight lines and radii together to yield the momentary cross-section of the profile. All relevant dimensions such as width, height, angle and radii are added together to form the full cross-sectional picture. The nominal values for the profile can be directly imported from the CAD construction (as DXF file) which allows easy and problem free programming. Changes in speed and twist within normal limits have no effect on the measurement.


Accurate In-Line Profile Measurement using "Light Section" Principle and Machine Vision

● For all profiles and pipes including steel, metal, plastic, rubber and other materials

● Measures and monitors product geometry continuously

● Displays key dimensions, angles, radii, etc.

● Alerts operator when  product is out of tolerance



RAYEX® systems are available as "Dynamic" RAYEX® D and "Static" RAYEX® S models.


The dynamic RAYEX® D is a low energy X-ray and high-speed scanning system for the measurement of wall thickness, eccentricity, diameter and ovality of multilayer (up to 3 layers) or single layer products in CV lines or others. RAYEX® D is based on the world first system which was able to measure all relevant cable parameters from outside the tube looking through beryllium windows.


The static RAYEX® S is a fully new X-ray system based on latest technology and made with top quality. Unconventional solutions reunited in unique advantages, flexibility and high measurement performance: Easy and reliable operation, High accuracy, Longevity, especially of X-ray sources, Easy maintenance and service, High safety level. The systems measure at 4 wall thickness points, 2 diameters, ovality with 2 X-ray sources under 90˚ to each other. There are no moving parts and no water cooling is necessary.


Important Features:

● Measures thin semi-conductor and insulation layers down to 0.3 mm (.012 in.)

● Simultaneous and uninterrupted scanning in X and Y directions with highest precision

● High scan rate and screen update (every 1...3 s)

● Multi-colored, easy to understand display

● Automatic control, thanks to short measuring intervals

● High resolution and accuracy, thanks to "Micro Focus" beam and UMX x-ray source.


WireShow 2021 will grand open from August 31st to September 2nd. Visit Zumbach’s booth at Hall N1 of SINIEC and get more product information and industry trends!

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