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2021 is the first year of China’s 14th Five-Year (2021-2025) Plan. At present, the global manufacturing industry has entered a new period of technological upgradation, many emerging technologies inject a new vitality into the wire and cable industry. As one of the most important wire and cable exhibitions in China and Asia, China International Wire & Cable Industry Exhibition (WireShow) will undoubtedly become an accelerator for the recovery of the global wire and cable market in the future. This year, international brands will gather at Hall N1 of Shanghai New International Expo Center during the 3-day event.  As one of the exhibitors at WireShow 2021, Troester Co. Ltd. will showcase its cutting-edge technologies and product innovations onsite.


Troester Co. Ltd. was formerly known as German Paul. The Troester mechanical factory was established in 1892, which has 120 years of history till now. The company focuses on the production, processing, manufacturing and development of rubber and cable production line and related molding equipment. Troester has 500 employees and more than 40 agents around the world, representative offices in the United States, Moscow, and China. Currently, Troester has subsidiary in Shanghai, with more than 80 employees and experts working together to serve customers in China.


Main Production:

• Cable production line

• Extruder & Extrusion die heads

• Vulcanized tube

• Take-up and pay-off cable rack

• Traction up and down

• Cable storage

• Electrical equipment


MV CCV Lines for Medium Voltage Cables


   Extrusion Group


Main Advantages of the MV CCV Lines from TROESTER

• Excellent value due to significant level of in-house manufacturing

• Fast product changes by:

    • Cable production line

    • Online centering on the triple cross head

    • Tool change in 15 minutes thanks to special tools

    • Variable Endseal TRENDSEAL


• Scrap length is minimized by temperature guided starting- stopping process

• High production speeds due to high-output concept and optimized conductor preheating

• Environmentally friendly components that allow both ecological and economical production, such as gas filtering system, by-product discharge and energy-savings due to CV-tube resistance heating.

•Customized machinery concepts to suit on-site conditions


Line Characteristic (Example)


Extrusion die heads


TROESTER specializes in single, double and three-layer extrusion and develop and manufacture extrusion heads for all types of cables (core insulation, sheath, silane, silicone and rubber CV systems). Many different types of product can be put on with just a single head.


Excellent efficiency is what all TROESTER extrusion heads have in common. Apart from that, they also stand for their very short heat-up times. Electric heating and liquid temperature control, with heating / cooling units, keep head temperatures stable. Quick-change clamps keep set-up times to a minimum. The head is easy to clean which also saves time.


TROESTER extrusion heads offer high flexibility in production planning processes.

•Long service life and low-maintenance design

•Large product range on every cross head

•Computer calculated distribution of flow channels

•Low tolerances for material-saving operation


More products will be showcased at WireShow 2021. Don’t miss Torester’s booth at Hall N1 of SINEC!

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