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Exhibitor Express | Don't miss Totoku! Find enameled wires, heating wires & FFC cables at WireShow

As an ideal platform for wire and cable industry suppliers to expand into emerging markets in Asia, WireShow focus on the development trend of high-tech and various application industries and determined to help domestic and foreign suppliers with high-end technology to expand the market. WireShow 2021 will kick off at the N1-N3 halls of the New International Expo Center from August 31st to September 2nd.It will gather a large number of domestic and foreign companies and visitors to participate in the exhibition during the 3-day event. Totoku is one of them!


WireShow 2021 will welcome the participation of Totoku, a well-known Japanese wire and cable manufacturer, for the first time. Based on the experience and gains of participating in wireChina for many years, Totoku confirmed the willingness to participate with the organizer when he learned that this year's WireShow will be jointly built by the MDS and SECRI.


Totoku (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. is invested by Totoku Electric Co., Ltd. and set up in June 2003, which located in Pinghu Economy development zone of Zhejiang Province. It has registered capital US$10.8M and has total investment amount US$270M. The running range of products are the production, sales and after service for Heater wire and its assembly, Magnet wire and its assembly, FFC cable and its assembly.


The following are the main products and technologies provided by Totoku:

• Heater wire and its assembly

• Magnet wire and its assembly

• Production of FFC cable and its assembly


Magnet wire and its assembly

Totoku can provide three types of enameled wire, including: general enameled wire, special enameled wire and self-adhesive enameled wire. Among them, special enameled wire also includes high-tension magnet wire (HT20W), copper-clad aluminum wire (CCAW), magnetic plated wire (FPW), aluminum wire (ALW), and litz wire (n/d).


Totoku’s Super / High-tension Magnet Wire

With a conductor made of a copper-based alloy (2%Ag content), the high-tension Magnet wire has a high tensile strength, while retaining the properties of copper. However, with a conductor made of copper-based alloy (4%Ag content), super High-tension Magnet wire has a higher tensile strength than High-tension magnet wire, while retaining the properties of copper.


Totoku’s Self-bonding magnet wire

The self-bonding magnet wire is a double layered copper conductor covered with a layer of self-bonding film such as thermoplastic resin or other material over a layer of insulation film such as polyurethane, polyester or similar material. Totoku manufacture a wide variety of self-bonding wires by expertly combining the bonding layer with the insulating film to meet customers' need. Polyurethane.


FFC cable and its assembly

For high-speed digital signal transmission-FFC Assembly

It can be used for the connection between PCB boards of televisions, monitors, automobiles, printers, scanners, copiers and other electronic devices, as well as between PCB boards and electronic components.



High-speed digital signal (over 3Gbps) transmission capacity

• Characteristic impedance (Impedance) 100Ω design

• Extremely small Skew

• Low attenuation

• Anti-electromagnetic interference

• Soft, thin and space saving

• Make products that satisfy customers according to customer requirements


Heater wire and its assembly

Double-layer heating wire (heating wire-short-circuit wire)




Electric carpets, electric blankets, foot warmers, electric pillows, etc.


• Easy to process and low price

• In case of abnormal heating, the fuse layer will play the function of blowing the fuse

• The maximum use temperature of heat-resistant PVC is 105°

• Reference: The heating density is not more than 8W/M under full wave use

• The material is selected for design according to the application. The standard finished product has an outer diameter of 2.40mm, and the outer diameter can be customized according to user needs


Low electromagnetic wave heating wire (three-layer heating wire)




Electric carpets, electric blankets, etc.



• Effectively reduce electromagnetic waves, thereby reducing the damage of electromagnetic waves to the human body

• Materials and design products can be selected to meet customers' special applications


For more product information and high-tech, visit TOTOKU’s booth at hall N1 of SNIEC

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